Garment Care & Storage

Garments need special care and attention to help preserve and protect them for the future.
Whether it is your wedding dress, a family christening gown, or a garment of historical importance, we have a solution to protect it for the long term.

We have a range of standard Garment Boxes available on our website. Available in either a Solid Archival Box Board or a 3mm thick Fluted Conservation Board these boxes range in size from small to very large, providing you with lots of choice.

How do I know what size box to get? I hear you say…

We advise you to layout and then fold your garment as you would want it to sit within a box.
 Once you have done this, measure the Length mm x Width mm x Depth mm.
Compare this the details provided on the ‘Specs’ tab of the product page to get the boxes internal dimensions.

 If you cannot find a size to suit, we can Custom Make a box to your specifications.

For added protection, we suggested layering each layer of your garment with tissue so that each piece of material is separated and individually protected.
We also suggest using tissue inside the garment to fill out the body or the sleeves.
 The Unbuffered Acid Free Silk Tissue is the best option for natural fibres.

If you are storing a garment such as a korowai, we suggest a custom made box with additional inserts for tubes so that the garment can be stored rolled.

Tyvek is a great choice for wrapping your korowai to give it added protection. It is especially useful if you are going to be using your korowai as it will withstand the wrapping and unwrapping of your garment because it is very strong and durable.

 You can use Cotton Tying Tape to secure the Tyvek around the garment.