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Bone FoldersBone Folders
Bone Folders
From $13.50
Brass Paper Clips
Brass Paper Clips
From $22.70
Insect Pins
Insect Pins
Stainless Steel TweezersStainless Steel Tweezers
Lightweight Spatula
Plastic Paper Clips
Plastic Paper Clips
From $30.75
Cork-backed Rulers
Craft Knife & Blades
Snake Weights
Paper Weights
Paper Weights
From $33
Corrosion Intercept Pouches & Zipper Bags
Utility Knife & BladesUtility Knife & Blades
Cotton Tip Applicators
Filing Clips
Book Display Pillows
Prosorb Humidity Control Cassettes
Bone Point Turner
Dust Mask with Exhalation Valve
Staple Extractor
Single Edged Razor Blades
Bone Fabric Creaser
From $85
Blue Scale - Textile Fading Cards
Flexible SpatulaFlexible Spatula
Heavy Duty Spatula
Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel
Metre Ruler
Metre Ruler
Foam Knives
Linen Testers
Linen Testers
From $45
General Dust Mask
Humidity Cards
Straight Edge Ruler
Film Acidity Tester
Velcro Straps
Teflon Burnisher
Circular Leather Paper Weight

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