Below we have created a space with suggestions and tips for some of the key areas of conservation we get asked advice for a lot of the time.  
Here we have shared information to give you ideas for storage, suitable products to use, and to help you make a plan. 
Hopefully you find the information here helpful, we are always here for a chat or an email if you need further recommendations.  
If you are dealing with something that is particularly old or valuable, we always recommend seeking professional advice.
You can locate a conservator here.


Organising & Storing Photographs 

We have a number of products that will help you organise and store your photographs

Book care &  storage

Caring for Books  & Book Storage

How to care for your books.
From the very old and rare books to your everyday new books.

Fine Art - Prints and Artworks

Coming Soon

Garment Care & Storage 

Garments need special care and attention to help preserve and protect them for the future. Whether it is your wedding dress, a family christening gown, or a garment of historical importance, we have a solution to protect it for the long term.

Picture Framing 

Coming Soon 

Negatives & Slides

Coming Soon