MSC06 – U.V. Fluorescent Light Filters

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MSC06 – U.V. Fluorescent Light Filters 

Length  1200mm

Fluorescent Bulb Jackets are tinted, polyester sleeves that fit over standard sized 48 inch T-8 or T-12 Fluorescent bulbs.

Fluorescent Bulb Jackets control ultraviolet radiation without reducing visible light. They diffuse the harsh glare providing less strained vision and a more comfortable lighting environment. There is no distortion of light. The tough polyester film protecting the bulb adds a safety factor as well. Museums use them to protect their priceless displays from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

The jackets can be cut easily with scissors to fit smaller sizes or be combined to fit larger ones. They are reusable and outlast many bulb changes. Our Fluorescent Bulb Jackets slide over a standard fluorescent light.

Resource: Info Sheet – UV Light Filter


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