ADH20 – Tylose MH 300

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ADH20 – Tylose MH 300

Tube size: 40ml

A harmless and suitable adhesive for file preparation (treatment), mounting of objects and other applications in the conservation and preservation fields. From the conservation point-of view, Tylose MH 300 (methyl hydroxy ethyl cellulose), a cellulose derivative, is a totally harmless and reversible adhesive.

This bio polymer is usually utilised in the field of paper restoration. It is physiologically harmless and water soluble. Micro-organisms can only affect this adhesive with great difficultly. Tylose MH 300 is stirred (mixed) in germ-free (sterile) water. After swelling, it can be filled into tubes and sealed hermetically. Apart from the file preparation, the adhesive can also be used for other applications. A major part of conservation picture framing is the mounting of the objects by means of paper slips (japanese paper) on the backboard. Complex manufacturing of starch paste can be void (eliminated) in the near future.

This ready-for-use adhesive is extremely suitable for all these kinds of applications. Tylose MH 300 40 ml tube, ready-for-use with a fine dispensing nozzle. Adhesive bio polymer cellulose derivative (methyl hydroxy ethyl cellulose). Colour transparent.

Method of Application: The adhesive should always be squeezed out from the tube end. Economical dosage – The fine dispensing nozzle enables you to apply the adhesive purposefully. The adhesive force of Tylose sets in only after it starts drying. If the nozzle is blocked or has dried up adhesive stuck in it, then it can be soaked in water and cleaned. After the tube has been opened, the adhesive should be used within a year.