TSU11 – Abaca Tissue 12.3gsm [Wet Strength]

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TSU11 – Abaca Tissue 12.3gsm [Wet Strength]

Sheet size: 813 x 1016mm

A unique lint free, long fibre, nonwoven tissue with a pH of approx 6.5.

It is comprised of a special blend of high strength large diameter premium grade Abaca fibres and other selected cellulose fibres. The fibres are selected for tensile, tear and porosity control at light basis weight and to facilitate natural hydrogen bonding with minimal use of resin [the wet strength resin is Kymene]. The structure is characterized as non-abrasive absorbent, and consistently uniform in caliper, basis weight and pore size distribution.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
5 Metres Abaca TSU11/5M $15.80 inc. GST
1016mm x 100M Roll Abaca TSU11/R $250.00 inc. GST