TSU01 – Archivart Unbuffered Tissue 9.25gsm

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TSU01 – Archivart Unbuffered Tissue 9.25gsm 

Unbuffered acid-free tissue
Weight: 9.25gsm
Sheet size : 610 x 914mm

A long-fibered tissue, resembling Japanese papers in formation and appearance. Made from abaca fibres, this semi-transparent paper lends itself to a wide range of conservation and storage applications. pH Value: 6.8 to 7.2 at the time of manufacture.

Repair, backing, lining and reinforcing of documents and manuscripts. Hinging in framing. Interleaving and protective covering for works of art on paper and photography. Wrapping of textiles that require a neutral pH, unbuffered surround. Padding for textiles in shoulders and sleeves, as well as shoes, purses, parasols, hats etc.

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