CLE09 – Sheep Wool Dusters

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CLE09 – Sheep Wool Dusters

These NZ made, washable dusters come in four sizes:
Small: 330mm
Hand Duster: 510mm
Telescopic: 1.3m extension
Sky Scraper: 1.82m extension

Made from natural, tanned sheepskin, these wool dusters come in four sizes, so there is one for every job.

The Telescopic and Skyscraper sizes are particularly favoured by museums and galleries with high and hard to reach places. The small sheep wool duster is suitable for cleaning computer keyboards.

Spinning this wool duster between your hands before use will make it electrostatic, enabling the dust to stick to it. Spinning again after use will clean it but for heavier soiling you can wash your duster in normal wool detergent. Brush out when dry.

Product Variations

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Small Sheep Wool Duster CLE09/C $11.04 inc. GST
Hand Sheep Wool Duster CLE09/H $14.26 inc. GST
Telescopic Sheep Wool Duster CLE09/T $19.55 inc. GST
Skyscraper Sheep Wool Duster CLE09/S $23.00 inc. GST