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These rivets are used in place of staples and glue to hold boxes together.

Ratchet Rivets
Two are needed to make a complete rivet.

RR1: Head 10mm, length 5.5mm
RR2: Head 10mm, length 8.8mm
RR3: Head 20mm, length 5.5mm
RR4: Head 20mm, length 8.8mm

Xmas Tree Rivets and Washers
RR5: 2mm, length 35mm
RR6: Xmas Tree Washer

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5.5mm RR1/10mm $0.20 inc. GST
8.8mm RR2/10mm $0.20 inc. GST
5.5mm RR3/20mm $0.20 inc. GST
8.5mm RR4/20mm $0.25 inc. GST

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Xmas Tree Rivet RR5 $0.25 inc. GST
Xmas Tree Washer RR6 $0.15 inc. GST
5mm white plastic binding screws (2 piece) RR7 $0.64 inc. GST