PP51 – Continuous Film & Negative Strip 35mm

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PP51 – Continuous Film & Negative Strip 35mm

Sold by the metre.

The finest archival quality continuous sleeving available. Made from Archival grade polypropylene for crystal clear clarity and superior rigidity. Passes the PAT test.

Sleeving can be cut to the desired length.

ClearFile & PrintFile Archival Pages – PAT Test Results
Independent laboratory tests prove that ClearFile & PrintFile archival storage pages provide safe, long-term protection for negatives, transparencies and prints.
ClearFile & PrintFile use specially formulated polyethylene and polypropylene so that products provide maximum long term protection for delicate photographic emulsions.
These museum quality, archival pages are acid free (pH Neutral) and contain none of the platicizers, catalysts or solvents found in PVC.