Polypropylene Film

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Polypropylene Film

FLM/10/2: 235mm x 25mroll

FLM/10/4: 400mm x 25m roll – NOT AVAILABLE

FLM/10/6: 600mm x 25m roll – NOT AVAILABLE

FLM/10/9:  900mm x 50m roll – NOT AVAILABLE

100 micron archival polypropylene film.

Can be used as book covers, lining shelves. Packing around items to prevent insects getting in. Cover items to protect from dust. Waterproof.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
400mm 5 Metre - Prolene - NOT AVAILABLE FLM10/4/5M $20.50 inc. GST
400mm x 25M Roll - Prolene - NOT AVAILABLE FLM10/4R $76.50 inc. GST
600mm 5 Metre - NOT AVAILABLE FLM10/6/5M $11.50 inc. GST
600mm x 25M Roll - NOT AVAILABLE FLM10/6R $50.08 inc. GST
900mm 5 Metre - NOT AVAILABLE FLM10/9/5M $18.50 inc. GST
900mm x 50M Roll - NOT AVAILABLE FLM10/9/50R $148.30 inc. GST
235mm 5 Metre FLM10/2/5M $5.65 inc. GST
235mm x 25M Roll FLM10/2R $25.04 inc. GST