Polyethylene Zipper Bags

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Polyethylene Zipper Bags

Available in 5 sizes:
PB01 – 45 x 65mm
PB02 – 100 x 140mm
PB03 – 75 x 190mm
PB04 – 150 x 230mm
PB05 – 255 x 355mm

Minigrip plain resealable zipper bags made from 50 micron polyethylene, now available at very good prices giving excellent value.

These simple efficient bags are completely inert and transparent. They have many uses in museums, libraries or archives including storage of books, paintings, artifacts, fragments, geology, archaeological specimens and odd shaped objects. Bags are water resistant and offer a moisture barrier.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
Zipper Bag 40 x 65mm - Pack 100 PB01 $2.10 inc. GST
Zipper Bag 100 x 140mm - Pack 100 PB02 $5.50 inc. GST
Zipper Bag 75 x 190mm - Pack 100 PB03 $5.95 inc. GST
Zipper Bag 150 x 230mm - Pack 100 PB04 $16.20 inc. GST
Zipper Bag 255 x 355mm - Pack 100 PB05 $30.65 inc. GST