Polyester Book Strips

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Clear Polyester Book Strips

PS1 : 25mm
PS3 : 50mm

These 50 micron inert polyester clear film strips will keep books being held for binding in order, while at the same time allowing them to be shelved. This clear, non-adhesive strip can also be used to hold rare books open for exhibition while allowing the text to be read.

Simply cut the strips to the desired length, wrap around the pages of the open or damaged book and attach using archival tape or velcro fasteners.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
Per Metre 25mm Book Strip PS1 $0.40 inc. GST
25mm x100m Roll Book Strip PS1/R $28.00 inc. GST
Per Metre 50mm Book Strip PS3 $0.70 inc. GST
50mm x 100m Roll Book Strip PS3/R $47.00 inc. GST