MSC15 – Paper Weights

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MSC15 – Covered Paper Weights

Calico Covered
MSC15/S – approx 50 x 95mm – 220gm
MSC15/M – approx 50 x 175mm – 450gm

Leather Covered
MSC15/L – approx 2kg

Loose washable/replaceable calico bag covers using velcro to secure the internal weight bag. Internal waterproof weight bag can be used without the loose calico cover. Ideal when weighing down wet repairs. When the weight bag becomes soiled/dirty simply wash the cover or replace with a new one. The lead shot is firstly sealed inside a polyethylene bag then further sealed inside a 50 micron polyethylene tubing and finally covered with a calico bag.

Leather covered weight is sealed but can simply be wiped down.

They have the feel of a heavy beanbag being soft and weighty giving surface protection while holding down curling charts, maps, posters and prints. Paper Conservators are using them to hold down papers during conservation especially when digitising and for camera work.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
220grm Calico Paper Weight MSC15/S $22.45 inc. GST
450grm CalicoPaper Weight MSC15/M $30.90 inc. GST
2kg Leather Paper Weight MSC15/L $80.75 inc. GST