CLE06 – Orvus WA Paste

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CLE06 – Orvus WA Paste

An extremely gentle detergent it is recommended for cleaning many quilts and fine textiles. Do not use on silk.

Orvus WA Paste is a synthetic anionic detergent with a neutral pH which will remove most common dirt and stains. This product is a solid in cooler weather an liquid in warm. Readily soluble in both hot and cold water. This product can be used as a wetting, emulsifying, dispersing and sudsing agent.

Directions for use:
For use on quilts and cotton fabrics –  One tablespoon of paste to to a full machine of water agitate to blend in the paste. Wash quilt/ article on short gentle cycle, Rinse twice to remove all the paste. If heavily soiled wash twice, do not pre-soak. For delicate heirlooms wash with out agitation. Lay flat to dry.

Caution, Orvus Paste may be irritating to skin or eyes. For eye contact, flush with with water thoroughly for 15mins. For skin irritation, discontinue use, apply cold compress to relieve irritation.