GL04 – Nylon All Day Gloves

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GL04– Nylon All Day Gloves

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large & Extra-Large
Sold per pair

Ultra-thin design provides better tactile properties.
Specifically designed as a lint-free glove for handling film, proofs, transparencies, photo prints and digital output, All-Day Nylon Gloves eliminate fingerprints and scratches.
These dust-free gloves combine thinness and close fit while minimizing clamminess and sweating.
Ergonomic, stretch-knit design helps reduce hand strain and user discomfort.

  • Meets the demands of all photographic professionals
  • Excellent as a liner under latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves
  • Seam-free construction from a new, PHA fiber suited for long-term use
  • Elastic cuff keeps gloves in place – hems are color coded
  • Ambidextrous, reusable and washable
  • Provides excellent dexterity and sensitivity during routine procedures

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
Small - per pair GL04/S $10.50 inc. GST
Medium - per pair GL04/M $10.50 inc. GST
Large - per pair GL04/L $10.60 inc. GST
X-Large - per pair GL04/XL $10.60 inc. GST