ADH05 – Methyl Cellulose Paste Powder

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ADH05 – Methyl Cellulose Paste Powder

Methyl Cellulose (methylcellulose) is an adhesive with a wide variety of applications. Commonly used as a bookbinding adhesive for paper, as well as sizing papers and fabrics, thickening water baths for marbling paper, used to loosen and clean off old glue from spines and book boards, or added to PVA to slow down its drying time.

Economical neutral paste powder that is soluble in cold water. Odourless and non-staining. Will not decompose in either the liquid or solid state.

Suitable pastes can be made by adding 1 part by weight of paste powder to 30 to 50 parts by weight of cold clean (deionised or distilled water). For book and paper repair, hinging and resizing.

The MSDS can be found here: ADH05-Methyl_Cellulose

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