ME77 – Polyester Page 20 pocket 35mm Slide

$2.35$99.88 inc. GST


ME77 – Polyester Page 20-pocket 35mm Slide

20 Pockets: 50 x 55mm
Page size: 260 x 315mm

These premium quality pages are fabricated from a special archival grade polyester-based material which passes both the Silver Tarnish Test and the Solvent Activity Test. Chemically inert, acid-free, light, strong, clear and resistant to atmospheric pollution. Suitable for storage of even the most sensitive and fragile material such as documents and photographs.

The 4-hole punched pages are available in different sizes to suit almost every requirement and most will take hanger bars. Each enclosure has a special flap to retain contents.

This page comes in two formats:
– side-opening for use in a folder
– H = hanging: top opening for use in filing cabinets with a hanger bar.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
Each 35mm Slide Page - Hanging ME77/H $2.35 inc. GST
Pk 25 35mm Slide Pages - Hanging ME77/H/25 $53.00 inc. GST
Pk 50 35mm Slide Pages - Hanging ME77/H/50 $99.88 inc. GST
Each 35mm Slide Pages ME77 $2.35 inc. GST
Pk 25 35mm Slide Pages ME77/25 $53.00 inc. GST
Pk 50 35mm Slide Pages ME77/50 $99.88 inc. GST