Marvelseal 360

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FLM18/M – Marvelseal 360: 1220mm x 5 metres

FLM14 – Marvelseal 360: 1220mm x 10 metres

Marvelseal 360  aluminised polyethylene and polypropylene barrier film is a flexible, heat-sealable barrier material that resists transmission of oxygen and water vapor. Use it to make anoxic pouches for pest eradication and long-term storage, and as a liner for shelves or shipping crates. Just cover staples and pin holes with foil-backed frame sealer tape (sold separately).  Has also been found to be successful for fabricating custom bags due to the ease at which it can be welded. Approx. 5mm thick.

We supply MarvelSeal 360 in an unprinted format, meaning it does not have the typical red lettering printed continuously throughout the material.


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Marvelseal 360 - 1220mm x 5m FLM18/M $130.00 inc. GST
Marvelseal 360 - 1220mm x 10m FLM14 $250.00 inc. GST