ADH10 – Lascaux 303 HV Adhesive

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ADH10 – Lascaux 303 HV Adhesive

Lascaux 303 (previously 360) HV water soluble acrylic adhesive. Thermoplastic copolymer butyl-methacrylate dispersion, thickened with acrylic butyl-ester. pH 8-9. Biocide stabilised.

Water thinnable but insoluble in water when dry. Permanently soluble in acetone, toluene, xylene. Insoluble in mineral turps.

Used as an adhesive for paper, card, textiles, wood, plaster, glass, acrylic sheet and aluminum. Dry film remains permanently tacky and can be used as contact adhesive.

Resource: Lascaux Adhesives Info Sheet

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