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Polypropylene Label Pocket and Card Insert

LBL13: 55 x 102mm – 3L polypropylene label pocket &  insert – pack of 6

LBL14: 60 x 95mm – business card size polypropylene pocket with 300 gsm museum card insert

Attach these self-adhesive polypropylene spine label holders to album spines,or boxes.

Slip in the title inserts for easy identification of contents. Thumb notches make inserts easy to remove.

An acrylic adhesive is used.



Product Variations

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Pack 6: 55 x 102mm LBL13/6 $12.06 inc. GST
Pack 12: 60 x 95mm LBL14/12 $10.20 inc. GST
Pack 100: 60 x 95mm LBL14/100 $59.80 inc. GST