MSC24 – Insect Pins

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MSC24 – Insect Pins

MSC24/25  – Size:000 – 38mm length x 0.25mm

MSC24/35  – Size: 0 – 38mm length x 0.35mm

MSC24/40 – Size: 1 – 38mm length x 0.40mm

MSC24/50 – Size: 3 – 38mm length x 0.50mm

MSC24/55 – Size: 4 – 38mm length x 0.55mm

Different sizes available in packets of 100. Stainless pins with nylon heads are useful for general purpose work when setting out insects on setting boards.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
38mm x 0.40mm Insect Pins PK 100 MSC24/40 $24.20 inc. GST
38mm x 0.50mm Insect Pins PK 100 MSC24/50 $24.20 inc. GST
38mm x 0.25mm Insect Pins PK 100 MSC24/25 $24.20 inc. GST
38mm x 0.35mm Insect Pins PK 100 MSC24/35 $24.20 inc. GST
38mm x 0.55mm Insect Pins PK 100 MSC24/55 $24.20 inc. GST