Heritage Woodfree Paper

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Heritage Woodfree Paper

PPR02 – 100gsm – White

PPR10 – 120gsm – Book White

PPR03 – 160gsm – White

Sheet size: 838 x 1143mm

A photographic quality paper, made from a highly refined Alpha Cellulose pulp lignin-free, acid-free and buffered to a pH of 8.5 with Calcium Carbonate. Tub sized with a pure non-ionic Farina starch. Vellum finish.

Used in bookbinding, the construction of envelopes and lightweight folders.

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Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
100gsm Paper Per Sheet PPR02 $2.84 inc. GST
100gsm Paper Pk 100 PPR02/P $214.25 inc. GST
120gsm Paper Per Sheet PPR10 $2.85 inc. GST
120gsm Paper Pk 100 PPR10/P $227.90 inc. GST
160gsm Paper Per Sheet PPR03 $3.55 inc. GST
160gsm Paper Pk 100 PPR03/P $283.50 inc. GST