GENSK/A4 – Genealogy Starter Kit

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GENSK/A4 – Genealogy Family History Starter Kit

This box contains some of the products that will help you preserve your family’s history for the next generation.

BOX51 – A4 Clamshell, with file clip (size 325 x 280 x 40mm)

Selection of polypropylene pages
PP35: A4 pocket pages x 10 pages
PP14: 3-pocket (2 portrait, 1 landscape – 4 x 6 pockets) x 7 pages
PP15: 5 x 7 pocket pages x 5 pages
PP43: 35mm 7-strip negative pages x 1 page
CD4: Holds 4 CDs x 1 page
PPR09/A4: 10 x sheets A4 acid-free copy paper

PEN: Fine tip acid-free pen, 0.25 fine writing point x 1
CLE07: Art gum eraser x 1
GL02: Lightweight cotton gloves (size M) x 1 pair