FLM06 – Tyvek 1443R

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FLM06 – Tyvek 1443R

43gsm – roll width: 1524mm

Available in 25m and 100m rolls

Tyvek 1443R is a spun bonded olefin material that is inert and gas permeable. It is non-abrasive and water and dust proof, making it ideal for artifact storage. It is flexible, strong, soft and smooth.

The glossy side features a strong antistatic coating that repels dust, while the dull side tends to hold dust and dirt that transfers from dusty objects.

Tyvek can be machine sewn to make protective covers for furniture, costumes, artifacts, shelf liners, padded hangers and mothball bags.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
Metre Tyvek FLM06/M $9.75 inc. GST
25M Roll Tyvek FLM06/25 $190.00 inc. GST
100M Roll Tyvek FLM06/100 $695.00 inc. GST