TAP40 – Filmoplast T Spine Repair Tape – 5 colours

$25.96 inc. GST

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TAP40 – Filmoplast T Spine Repair Tape – 5 colours

Roll size: 50mm x 10m
Colours: White, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Brown

NESCHEN, Filmoplast T Tape – Spine Repair Tape
A high quality rayon fabric backed with an aggressive, long-lasting archival acrylic adhesive. The fabric easily conforms to irregular surfaces and will not shrink or bleed.

Especially suited for spine repair due to its high tack adhesive flexibility. Also used for finishing of works mounted on foam or corrugated boards, to wrap deep bevel mats, and finishing the edge of unframed paintings and perfect bound books.

Resource: Filmoplast T Tape – Data Sheet

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
Black Filmoplast T Tape TAP40/Black $25.96 inc. GST
Red Filmoplast T Tape TAP40/Red $25.96 inc. GST
Blue Filmoplast T Tape TAP40/Blue $25.96 inc. GST
Green Filmoplast T Tape TAP40/Green $25.96 inc. GST
Brown Filmoplast T Tape TAP40/Brown $25.96 inc. GST
White Filmoplast T Tape TAP40/White $25.96 inc. GST