Filmoplast R Tissue Tape

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Filmoplast R Tissue Tape

Width : 620mm
Roll : 50 Metres

Width : 310mm
Roll : 50 Metres

NESCHEN Filmoplast R heat set tissue. Technical acid free Japanese paper 8.5 gsm. Highly transparent and wafer thin. A high alpha-cellulose tissue coated with an acid and solvent-free heat activated adhesive. Reversible with acetone and heat.

Used for restoration purposes. It is especially useful for repairing joints of book sections to be restitched and replacing torn out pages. Used to line brittle papers to prevent further disintegration. Spot mending of tears and filling in voids. Both the adhesive and paper are buffered to counter acids.

Resource: Filmoplast R Tape – Data Sheet

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5Metre Filmoplast R TAP25/5 $64.30 inc. GST
620mm x 50M Roll Filmoplast R TAP25/R $490.50 inc. GST
5Metre Filmoplast R TAP26/5 $30.65 inc. GST
310mm x 50M Roll Filmoplast R TAP26/R $146.30 inc. GST

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