Filmoplast P Tape Document Repair Tape

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Neschen Filmoplast P Tape Document Repair Tape

TAP35 – 13mm x 50m roll

TAP19- 20mm x 50m roll (comes in a dispenser pack)

TAP20 – 40mm x 50m roll

A very transparent pressure sensitive mending tape. Made of very thin archival acid-free tissue, coated with a neutral adhesive. Will not yellow with age. Water Soluble and solvent free.  It is suitable for invisible dry mending of tears in paper documents and books.

  • Short-fibre repair tape
  • Highly transparent
  • Self adhesive
  • Buffered
  • Extremely thin
  • pH of 8.2 on new tape, 7.6 on aged tape
  • 182g
Features and Benefits
  • Use for restoration and joining of documents and papers
  • Use for repositioning of pages, repairs to torn edges or affixing to the mount
  • Highly transparent mending tape suitable for invisible dry mending of tears in documents, pages, maps etc
  • Also suitable for hinging resin-coated photographic prints and some artworks
  • Buffered with calcium carbonate in order to neutralize acids which are released during natural paper aging
  • Coated on one side with a solvent free, age resistant and permanently elastic polyacrylate adhesive
  • Non-ageing, non-yellowing
  • Can be removed from sturdy paper surfaces with water
  • Acid-free
  • Lignin-free

Video on YouTube for Advice on how to seperate release paper from the adhesive tape
Click here – Filmoplast P Tape

Resource: Info Sheet – Filmoplast P

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Roll Filmoplast P Tape 13mm TAP35 $18.80 inc. GST

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5 Metre Roll Filmoplast P Tape 20mm TAP19/5M $8.13 inc. GST
Roll Filmoplast P Tape 40mm TAP20 $57.65 inc. GST