TAP41 – Dot Tape

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TAP41 – Dot Tape 

Gudy Dot Tape from Neschen
Roll size: 25mm x 50m

This tape, with carrier-free easy-dot transfer technology, is designed for mounting photos, inkjet and digital prints onto many surfaces and is excellent for permanent or temporary displays. The transparent acrylic adhesive is acid-free and age-resistant. Being carrier-free, the easy dot transfer technology gives smooth bonding of materials. Even with the permanent adhesive, the dot application allows photos or prints to be removed and replaced. The glue dots can be easily rubbed off with your finger or a crepe eraser.

Product Features
– permanent transparent adhesive film
– carrier free easy dot-transfer technology
– the “dot-shaped” adhesive coat makes the material easier to handle
– easy and bubble free positioning
– environmentally friendly, water-based adhesive
– solvent-free, age-resistant and permanently elastic acrylate

In addition to GUDY DOT TAPE this adhesive technology is also available in a handy dispenser: GUDY ROLLER.DOT.