TAP42 – Dot Tape 8mm in Dispenser

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TAP42 – Dot Tape 8mm in Dispenser 

Gudy Dot Tape from Neschen
Roll size: 8mm x 15m

GUDY ROLLER.DOT is the versatile problem solver for any sticking task. The adhesive comes right off the roll from an easy-to-handle dispenser. – quick assembling – clean mounting – easy fixing With GUDY DOT technology by NESCHEN, adhesive surfaces are created in a dotted pattern. The adhesive sticks quickly and easily and can be removed flawlessly after use.

How easy it is?
– Roll adhesive dots onto the media.
– Stick the media onto the desired surface done
– If desired, just pull the medium off the surface again and simply rub off the dots with your finger.

This tape, with carrier-free easy-dot transfer technology, is designed for mounting photos, inkjet and digital prints onto many surfaces and is excellent for temporary displays.

Product Features
– non-permanent adhesive
– handy plastic dispenser
– carrier free easy dot-transfer technology
– the “dot-shaped” adhesive coat makes the material easier to handle
– easy and bubble free positioning
– environmentally friendly, water-based adhesive
– solvent-free, age-resistant and permanently elastic acrylate

In addition to GUDY ROLLER.DOT this adhesive technology is also available as adhesive tape with a carrier paper: GUDY DOT TAPE.