Dividers for Photo Boxes

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Photo Box Dividers – set of 5

DIV3X4 – to fit BOX68 – 3 x 4″
Measurements: 115 x 90mm

DIV4X5 – to fit BOX69 – 4 x 5″
Measurements: 135 x 110mm

DIV4X6 – to fit BOX70 – 4 x 6″
Measurements: 160 x 115mm

DIV5X7 – to fit BOX71 – 5 x 7″
Measurements: 190 x 145mm

These dividers are designed to fit our standard photo boxes, with a raised tabs on alternating sides for labelling.

Made from BRD03 – archival, acid-free, lignin-free board with a tough grey dirt, grease and abrasion resistant laminate on one side. A smooth white laminate on the other, which passes the ANSI Photographic Activity Test. Alkyl ketene size, free from optical brightening agents, with a pH 7.6 to 8.0. Buffered with calcium carbonate.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
Dividers for 3x4" Photo Box - set of 5 DIV3X4 $4.00 inc. GST
Dividers for 4x5 Photo Box - set of 5 DIV4X5 $4.50 inc. GST
Dividers for 4x6" Photo Box - set of 5 DIV4X6 $5.00 inc. GST
Dividers for 5x7" Photo Box - set of 5 DIV5X7 $5.50 inc. GST