Cotton Tying Tape – Unbleached

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Cotton Tying Tape – Unbleached 

TAP07 – 6mm  – 100m and  914m roll

TAP11 – 10mm  – 100m and  914m roll

TAP12 – 16mm – 100m and 457m roll

This unbleached white cotton tape used for tying bundles of papers, books and periodicals waiting to be sent to the bindery. For tying together damaged books, while they await repair.

Non abrasive,with no added dyes.

Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
6mm 10Metre TAP07/10M $6.50 inc. GST
6mm x 100M Roll TAP07/100M $28.30 inc. GST
6mm x 914M Roll TAP07/914M $137.60 inc. GST
10mm 10Metre TAP11/10M $7.60 inc. GST
10mm x 100M TAP11/100M $32.20 inc. GST
10mm x 914M Roll TAP11/914M $204.10 inc. GST
16mm 10Metre TAP12/10M $8.20 inc. GST
16mm x 100M TAP12/100M $46.00 inc. GST
16mm x 457M Roll TAP12/457M $161.95 inc. GST