Corrosion Intercept Pouches

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Corrosion Intercept Pouches

MSC34 – 6 x 8″, 152 x 203mm pouch bag

MSC35 – 8 x 10″, 203 x 254mm zip-lock bag

MSC36 – 20 x 24″, 508 x 609mm pouch bag

Corrosion Intercept is a revolutionary technological advance that bonds solid state reactive materials (bonded copper particles) into a polymer matrix. This matrix film then reacts with and neutralizes all corrosive gases that come in contact with it, creating a torturous path for corrosive gases trying to migrate through the plastic.

Corrosion Intercept provides effective long term protection for silver, brass, ferrous metals, copper, bronze, and non-ferrous metals. It has also been successfully used to protect textiles, paper documents, books and works of art on paper.

The inert material will not off-gas, is unaffected by moisture, humidity or temperature, and features a built in saturation indicator. When the copper color turns black, it is time to change the Intercept package.

Used successfully by major museums to protect a variety of items such as books, stamps, paper, artifacts, copper and bronze sculptures, silver coins, etc.

Product Variations

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6 x 8 Corrosion Intercept Pouch MSC34 $1.60 inc. GST
8 x 10 Corrosion Intercept Bags MSC35 $2.55 inc. GST
20 x 24 Corrosion Intercept Pouch MSC36 $5.60 inc. GST