CON01 – Consolidating Resin

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CON01 – Consolidating Resin

This resin is recommended for wooden objects that have been damaged by borer or decay and crumble when handled.

It is designed for use on wooden objects that are protected from the weather. It is thin enough to be injected into borer flight holes, and into holes drilled into the decayed wood or brushed on areas of soft surface decay. For easier application the consolidating resin can be thinned further with methylated spirits.

The consolidant is based on Polyvinyl Butyral resin in an alcohol solvent. It is inflammable and the fumes are toxic and should only be used with adequate ventilation and away from naked flame.

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Consolidating resin is made from Mowital Polyvinyl Butyral Resin dissolved in Methylated Spirits

Resource – 95WP Methylated Spirts MSDS

Resource –  Mowital MSDS

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