COA01 – Clear Acrylic Lacquer

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COA01 – Clear Acrylic Lacquer (Brushing Grade)

A clear acrylic lacquer based on Paraloid B72 and an aromatic hydrocarbon solvent primarily formulated for the sealing and formation of a barrier layer on kowhaiwhai patterns in Maori meeting houses. The kowhaiwhai patterns can then be safely over-painted with an acrylic emulsion paint which, if required, can be removed at a later date with alcohol solvents to reveal the original paint.

Paraloid B72 has proved to be a very stable resin and is removable, with appropriate solvents, after many years exposure. Therefore this sealer is an ideal protective coating for many objects where reversibilty is a major requirement. Can be thinned using High Aromatic Solvent (Peg Solvent R100).

Toxic and Flammable, handle with care.
Cannot be sent by NZ Post.
Shipping may incur a Dangerous Goods fee.
Only certain carriers can be used for South Island and rural delivery.

Note: For a barrier coat for labelling museum objects use COA07

Clear Acrylic Lacquer is made from B72 dissolved in Aromatic Solvent R100.

Resource: B72 MSDS

Resource: Aromatic Solvent R100 MSDS

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