Clamshell File Box Sizes – A5, A4, A3, FC

$12.10$18.40 inc. GST

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Clamshell File Boxes

BOX57 – To fit A5 size
Inside dimensions: 225 x 160 x 40mm

BOX54 – To fit A4 size
Inside dimensions: 315 x 230 x 40mm

BOX55 – To fit A3 size
Inside dimensions: 440 x 320 x 40mm

BOX56 – To fit Foolscap size
Inside dimensions: 370 x 245 x 40mm

The Boxes are made from B Flute archival corrugated conservation board, BRD 74 – dark grey exterior/white interior. This style box can be made in any size and depth to suit your requirements.


Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
A5 Clamshell Document Box BOX57 $12.10 inc. GST
A4 Clamshell Document Box BOX54 $16.10 inc. GST
A3 Clamshell Document Box BOX55 $18.40 inc. GST
Foolscap Clamshell Document Box BOX56 $17.25 inc. GST