TT20 – Bone Folders

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Genuine Bone Folders

TT20A – Fabric Creaser
Size: 125mm
The Fabric bone folder is used to mark lines without using chalk or pins.

TT20B – Point Turner
Size: 130mm
The Point Turner was developed for sewing. It turns points in collars and lapels, pockets etc. and creases seams, round end curving to a sharp point.

TT20C – Round Pointed
Size: 200mm x 22mm
Round end tapering to a point , these bone folders are extremely useful for making strong creases in paper, and archival polyester or other materials, and as a burnisher for tapes, press-on letters etc. A must for book binding and repair.

TT20E – Creaser
Size: 160mm x 22mm
One end pointed the other round. Suitable for creasing card, paper and polyester film.


Product Variations

Variant SKU Price
Fabric Creaser TT20A $9.60 inc. GST
Point Turner TT20B $19.50 inc. GST
Round /Pointed TT20C $15.50 inc. GST
Small Round /Pointed TT20E $13.50 inc. GST