COA07 – B72 Primer/Sealer Base Coat

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COA07 – B72 Primer/Sealer – Base Coat

A non-yellowing reversible acrylic lacquer based on Paraloid B72 in Acetone.

It is fast drying and designed to be used as a barrier coat to seal the surface of objects before the registration numbers are applied. Removable with Acetone [SOL07].

COA08 B67 Primer/Sealer can be used as the top coat. Using the 2 different coating assists in stopping the numbers blurring or smudging. B67 can be removed with Petroleum Spirit [SOL06].

B72 Primer/Sealer can also be used to seal the broken edges of very porous ceramic objects before the application of the acrylic adhesive.

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The base coat is made from B72 beads dissolved in Acetone.

Resource: Paraloid B72 Resin MSDS

Resource: B72-Info

Resource: Acetone MSDS



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