Acid-free Fluted Conservation Board

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E-Flute, B -Flute and EB Flute Corrugated Conservation Boards

All Conservation boards pass the PAT Test

BRD66 4.5mm EB-Flute – sheet size: 1100 x 1720mm
BRD69 5.0mm EB Flute Plus – sheet size: 1200 x 1800mm
Colour: Natural (white/off-white) exterior and interior.
EB-flute Plus comprises of an EB-flute, of which the topmost ply (layer) is made of 365 g/m2 mounting and matting board, laminated onto the E-flute ply. The top side of the EB-flute Plus is of natural white colour, the reverse (underneath) side is light grey (E-flute) in colour. This board has excellent lightfastness (level 7-8) for protection against light and UV radiation. Originals can be mounted directly onto the EB-flute Plus board. An additional reinforcement board insert (backing) is not necessary.

BRD 70 1.7mm E-Flute – sheet size: 1000 x 1720mm
BRD 74 3.0mm B-Flute – sheet size: 1620 x 1025mm
Colour: Grey, with a natural white interior.
These quality archival acid and lignin free range of boards are made by Klug in Germany. Especially suitable for boxes and picture frame backings [paintings and graphics] and displays.

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Product Variations

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Sheet BRD70/E $34.50 inc. GST
Pk 10 BRD70/E/P10 $310.00 inc. GST
Pk 20 BRD70/E/P20 $542.00 inc. GST
Sheet BRD74/B $33.00 inc. GST
Pk 10 BRD74/B/P10 $285.00 inc. GST
Pk 20 BRD74/B/P20 $495.00 inc. GST
Sheet BRD66/EB $41.70 inc. GST
Pk 10 BRD66/EB/P10 $348.00 inc. GST
Sheet BRD69/EB+ $58.80 inc. GST
Pk 10 BRD69/EB+/P10 $495.00 inc. GST