A3 – BC12 – A3 Backing Cards

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BC12 – Backing Card A3

Size: 297 x 420mm

To Fit:

PP102 – Crystal Clear print bag

PP86 – Polypropylene pocket

PP36 – Polypropylene page

ME8 – Polyester pocket

ME21 – Polyester page

Archival 300gsm acid-free white museum card [CRD13] to fit polyester and polypropylene pages and enclosures. This is inserted to give your fragile documents, photos and prints extra support and separation.

PLEASE NOTE: The Museum card is not generally suitable for merchandising. For a rigid backing board use FLUTED (Code BCF, will be 3mm or 1.7mm) or SOLID (Code BCS will be 1.0 mm or 1.3mm) box-board cut to A3 size. These are off-cuts from box-making and are subject to availability. As these are box boards there can sometimes be a slight bend in the board – there is a tolerance of 5%. All pass the P.A.T.

FLUTED – will be BRD74 3.0mm or BRD70 1.7mm
This fluted board is perfect for transport and display as it is strong but light. The “B” flute centre layer has a dark grey solid exterior layer, and a natural white interior layer. Extremely popular with artists, photographers and galleries.

SOLID – BRD03 1.0mm or BRD04 1.3mm
This solid board is also a good option for transport and display, but is heavier as it is denser. It also has a grey exterior and a natural white interior layer.

SPECIAL OFFER – BRD05 3.3mm white fluted polypropylene (acid-free) – only 50c each – order below.

Product Variations

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A3 white card - Each BC12 - 300gsm $1.12 inc. GST
A3 white 3.3mm fluted polypropylene BC12P $1.00 $0.50 inc. GST
A3 white card - Pk 25 BC12/25-300gsm $25.55 inc. GST
A3 white card - Pk 100 BC12/100-300gsm $92.00 inc. GST
A3 grey/white solid board - Each BCS12 - Solid $2.00 inc. GST
A3 grey/white solid board- Pk 25 BCS12/25 -Solid $45.00 inc. GST
A3 grey/white solid board- Pk 100 BCS12/100 - Solid $135.00 inc. GST

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

A3 grey/white fluted board - Each BCF12 -Fluted $2.00 inc. GST
A3 grey/white fluted board - Pk25 BCF12/25-Fluted $45.00 inc. GST